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mh-300ertele.jpg (52354 bytes)Hello! This pages are dedicated to F1 Powerboats. A good friend of mine, Roman Chudo, introduced me to this sport some years ago in Vienna. Starting from this moment I was fascinated by the speed and the people racing with 100+ MPH on water.

One of my favorite free time activities has always been photography. I got my first camera as a present for good school results back in 1980. My father taught me how to work with the camera (Minolta XG-1, if someone can remember) and from this moment I really enjoyed taking pictures. Everywhere I travel, the camera is always with me.

After some years with Minolta I decided to switch my equipment to CANON because of the much better reliability of this cameras and lenses. Today I use different CANON EOS bodies and  lenses from 17mm to 400mm, power booster and flash light by CANON, too. Take a look at the picture to find out more (not updated for a while....).My equipment

Today all pictures are shot digital - a CANON EOS D30 and a KODAK DCS520 (EOS-1n digital) are my favorite camera bodies which I use most. Together with my 2.8/300mm L lens this makes a fantastic combination for sports photography. You will be able to read more about my equipment on an extra web page - coming soon.

NEW UPDATE (20.08.2002): Pictures from Stralsund (Germany) are online.
                                                Budapest pictures reduced to 32 because of limited web space. 

PREVIOUS UPDATE (02.07.2002): Pictures from the race in Budapest are now online!

If you like my pictures and want to purchase some prints or original files for advertising or for use on your own web page please send me an e-mail.

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